This is a basic ad that would be placed in magazines, and online. Getting across the fact that you could have had a wingman to avoid awkward situations.

iPhone app

I created the app, Wingman, for smart phones. Wingman is just that. It helps you though a date, or in this case eHarmony would be introducing it as an app that will launch not only the first date, but also several dates to follow.

The purpose off the app is that it would be your guide to the dating world. It would supply the best places to take your date like restaurants, theaters, concerts, etc. Wingman would allow you to make reservations or buy movie tickets with the touch of the screen. It would also have a section of conversation starters (basic questions that can spark a conversation i.e., popular culture, personal questions, etc) for those first date jitters. You know the ones you have where your mind totally goes blank and you don’t know the difference between you’re and your. Those kind of jitters.

Online presence
Along side the iPhone app I wanted eHarmony’s Wingman to partner up with skype and create a new face that would allow all the same commands from the app but it would also allow other interaction such as the different games you could play with your skype date.


There is also a twitter page that would serve as the middleman. It would interact with chain restaurants, chain movie theaters and events that further involve users.