CCAD has a mascot?

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When I was in high school, I couldn’t wait to go to college. Why? One word, Football. I could lie and say that I love the game, but we both know that’s not 100% true. It’s more than just a sport to some, it’s a reason for getting up early on a Saturday morning and cracking open that 6am beer. But for me, it was more about the unity of the crowd cheering in the stands for a victory or crying over a close game. It always seemed that anyone who was anyone attended these games.

When I finally got to college, I never thought in a million years that I would go to a school without a football team. But, when I go home for breaks and answer the age old question, “Where do you go to college?”, the topic of football always seems to follow closely behind (It must be one of those universal college questions that is easy to ask without getting too personal or displaying that in fact you really don’t care about how their college career is going).

So when someone asks me about my school’s football team I say, “We don’t have one.”
When someone asks about my school’s mascot I say, “We don’t have one.”
Then the jokes come flying in. Cliche jokes about cliche art students, their physical stamina and finally what our mascot would be if art students had a football team. The number one answer, a paintbrush. REALLY? I could think of at least 10 things that would be better than a paintbrush.

After reevaluating the student section that I will never have the knowledge of knowing, I wouldn’t trade art school for the world.