So You Drink PBR?

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So one night a few friends and I were talking about the annoying comments we get when we tell people where we go to school. (For those of you who don’t know, I am a current senior at Columbus College of Art and Design). We started a list of ‘shit people say to art students’ as a joke, and it turned into something bigger. Soon, ideas of creating a ‘shit people say to art students’ video and posting it to youtube were in the mix. (BOOM! Internet famous right?) But until those days of internet fame, I decided to focus my blog and share the ideas we came up with through the graphic styling that is Alyssa Gauger (thats me!).

This specific post is centered around the assumption that all art students like PBR (which has also been referred to as Pabst, Pabst Blue Ribbon, America in a can, The drink of Hipsters, etc.). This is an incorrect assumption. Yes, the majority of my friends drink it, but is it because they actually like PBR or is it the new cheap college beer? Maybe its the specialized can that is made perfectly for shotgunning or maybe its a slowly increasing happiness that adds to the interplay of ingredients, while the texture smooths out by mid-bottle?

Well, I say move over Nati, PBR is loved by all college students across the land, not just the ones of the art persuasion.